About Me

I am a Frontend Engineer based in Hungary. Programming has been my niche for many years. In fact, it has turned into one of my favorite hobbies and 9-to-5 job, the best of both worlds if you ask me.

I have a strong passion for honing my craft in my spare time. Oftentimes I fall into the trap of being too eager to experiment with new stuff and build something out of it though. However, shrinking my focus and taking baby steps help me not to be overwhelmed.

Life & Health

I live in Debrecen with my lovely girlfriend far away from our home town. I am genuinely grateful to her because she is always there to support me during hard times.

As my job is mentally tiring, it is crucial not to neglect my mind and body. I believe that mental health is just as important if not more than physical health. Therefore, engaging in physical activities such as running and callisthenics, contribute to my well-being considerably.

In addition to living an active lifestyle, I also pay close attention to my diet. Since 2020, when I embarked on overhauling my eating habits, I have managed to scrap dozens of junk foods and replaced them with nutrition-rich variants. It helps me stay active and feel saturated throughout the day.


I enjoy spending quality time with my girlfriend, hiking, travelling and watching NBA games.

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